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Hayes' MDaudit™ Professional and Hospital software automates many of the administrative tasks involved in the billing audit process, dramatically improving productivity and helping healthcare organizations reduce billing compliance risk.

With HCRL and APRIMA, we make the practice of medicine a more satisfying experience. And in today's healthcare world, satisfaction matters. Our electronic health record (EHR), practice management (PM) and revenue cycle (RCM) solutions are flexible, customizable and made to work the way you do—whether in the office, on the road or at home. We believe in innovating solutions that make doctors, patients and staff happier for a healthier bottom line. When you partner with HCRL and APRIMA, you receive an integrated suite of services that ensure the success of your EHR, PM and RCM solutions. Our expert Implementation Team works as an extension of your practice, providing end-to-end training and implementation to get you up and running with minimal disruption. Our comprehensive billing and collections software not only handles typical insurance and patient types of billing and collections, but also helps practices manage the new and expanded coding requirements, accommodates newer payment models such as bundled payments, and includes unique features for federally qualified health centers (FQHC) guidelines, sliding fee schedules, uniform data system (UDS) reporting and tracking, as well as billing tools for behavioral health services.

A leader in EDI software solutions, Practice Insight processes transactions in real time including professional and institutional claims, remittance, eligibility and claim status. Practice Insight's Internet-based solutions seamlessly integrate with Aprima, enhancing EDI workflow while dramatically reducing time spent on claim follow up, verifying patient insurance and posting remittance.

e:countable, LLC is your outsourced, professional solution for handling all of your bookkeeping from paying bills, to payroll, to monthly financial statement preparation. Instead of relying on just one bookkeeper, our team approach provides controller / CFO level expertise and our structure mitigates the risk of fraud and embezzlement. With our cloud platform, you have access to your financial information anywhere you have internet access. Monthly financial review meetings with our clients enable them to finally gain a deeper understanding of their profitability, financial condition, and cash flow. For more information, please visit

Surescripts is committed to creating a more connected and collaborative healthcare system. Using our network, Aprima users access clinics, hospitals, pharmacists, and health plans nationwide without leaving their EHR application. Our products and services help improve productivity, clinical information quality, care delivery, and patient adherence. Aprima users currently have access to our electronic prior authorization, immunization registry reporting, direct messaging, and electronic prescribing solutions.

Etactics is a leading provider of patient statements, letters, payment books, recalls and reminders. Patient communication and web-enabled solutions are seamlessly integrated with output from Aprima for efficient production and mailing of patient-friendly billing and follow-up correspondence. Etactics' clients typically increase patient payments from 10-40%.

Aprima has partnered with Easy Pay Solutions to offer a robust patient balance reduction solution. Easy Pay's unique approach to eliminating past due accounts and preventing future delinquencies has revitalized profitability for thousands of practices nationwide. Using advanced Card-On-File and Automated Payment Plans within our full featured credit card processing application our Patient Friendly approach enables practices to move from “PAST DUE” to “PAID” accounts that keep patients happy and practices healthy!

CallPointe was founded in 1999 to create a user-friendly web-based service for medical professionals in the hospital and clinic environment. CallPointe successfully reduces office no-shows and frees medical staff to spend more time with patients. Business methods, approach to automate appointment reminders and customer service are key.

Kno2™ is the industry's only cloud-based Clinical Document Exchange platform. No matter where it comes from or in what format... any workflow involving the exchange of patient information can be moved to Direct and made smarter, consistent, consumable, and usable. Kno2 also takes on paper and fax-based exchange, converting them to Direct messaging, streamlining the movement of patient information into Aprima.

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