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We begin with an operational assessment of your current practice workflow processes. An operational assessment will benefit the medical practice in determining how efficient and productive their current processes are working. From this assessment, HCRL's staff will be able to customize for the practice only the services they need, taking into consideration:
  • Technology currently utilized
  • Staff performance and workflow review
    • Review of billing and collections policies and procedures
    • Front desk activities
    • Charge capture work flow
    • Revenue cycle work flow
  • Review of accounts receivable data and trends
  • Denial management
  • Reimbursement improvement due to a reduction in claim denials
    • Provide a foundation for strategic planning and operations improvement
    • Revenue sources and payor mix
    • Charge master review
    • Coding trends
    • Quantify the gap between the [client] organization and best practices
    • Potential increased reimbursement resulting from "correct coding"
    • Provider Education needs
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Steps to a healthy revenue cycle

Outsource your Billing & Collections

Our billing and collection staff has over 10 years of physician billing with multi-specialty expertise. HCRL provides an assigned billing representative that will work on your account to achieve optimal performance and results that will maximize collections. HCRL partners with APRIMA EMR and practice management for revenue cycle solutions. Connections to over 2,500 payers and built-in code scrubbing helps you create clean claims and get them paid quickly. APRIMA submits both primary and secondary claims, tracks claim status, receives electronic remittance advice reports (ERA), and post payments electronically. The APRIMA system's features include:
  • Advanced code scrub
  • Electronic funds transfer (EFT)
  • Denial and rejection management and easy re-submit processes.
  • Auto-payment posting that allows HCRL to tackle even complex remittance scenarios.
  • Aprima's task management capabilities allow HCRL to automatically route, track and document much of your practice's routine workflow, freeing staff to spend more time with patients and focus on more important projects.
  • One key advantage of an integrated messaging and workflow system is that it generates automated reminders, notifies clinicians when lab results arrive or are overdue and enables initiation and tracking of administrative tasks. Aprima's messaging and workflow features can help you streamline operations - from scheduling, results processing, orders and referrals, and eprescribing to collections and patient communications.
  • Streamline check-out with Aprima's automatic superbills and patient information. As the visit concludes, providers receive recommended E&M coding based on their level of documentation, diagnosis and procedure information. Upon completion, a superbill is created and routed to patient check-out often arriving before the patient even leaves the room.
  • Aprima's eligibility verification can help you confirm medical necessity, eliminate errors and gain instant access to CMS descriptions of coding rules. As part of the checkout process, any patient education, return to work/school forms and other documents are ready and waiting for the patient as well.
  • Aprima allows HCRL to submit claims and receive payment quickly and conveniently, significantly reducing time in accounts receivable. Pre-submission edit checks improve clean claims rates and the automatic posting of insurance payments streamline the time and effort needed to handle the vast majority of incoming payments. This allows your staff to focus on the few items that need special attention.
  • HIPAA-compliant EDI tool interfaces with the messaging capabilities to help you track and resolve issues as they arise for fast claims resolution.
  • Easily manage authorizations and cases for situations like Workers Compensation and Personal Injury with a solution that provides a comprehensive history for an unlimited number of cases. Our tools integrate with the task management capability for total functionality.
  • Patient statements not only help collect revenue and key financial information, but they also are a means to improve patient communications and satisfaction. Aprima makes it easier to manage patient billing and correspondence quickly and economically.
  • Save time and reduce errors with integrated posting of all major credit/debit card payments to your patient ledger. The Aprima PM solution enables patients to keep a card on file, approve automated recurring payments and make payments through the portal.

With Aprima, electronic remittance advice (ERA) responses are processed automatically. An update to your A/R is posted real time and the information is applied to patients' accounts and superbills, improving accuracy and office staff productivity.
Aprima's secure portal empowers patients with 24x7 self-service access to their medical records and physician office. Whether they wish to view their chart, make scheduling requests, complete questionnaires online and enter their own demographic information, it all comes together making their check-in process faster, easier and more accurate, and their overall experience better. Aprima's users have found big benefits from the Aprima Portal. This portal allows HIPAA-secure communications between provider and patient. Practices can post new patient forms online, so patients can submit information before arriving for that first visit. By eliminating the time-consuming data collection, providers are able to cut the time spent on initial visits and add more appointments in the time saved.
Aprima's built-in reports are customizable and provide immediate access to a wide variety of clinical, financial and statistical information necessary to effectively manage your medical practice

Compliance and HIPAA regulatory reviews:

With regulatory reform in motion. a lot of focus is on what the future holds from a regulatory/compliance viewpoint. Implementing an effective compliance process will save your practice the headaches of on-going audits and paybacks.
  • HCRL provides chart audits, utilizing MDAudit software. Our certified professional coding staff will provide on-sight audits and provider education to ensure that you are compliant in your code selection and supporting documentation. This will ultimately reduce payer audits, reduce their Medicare/Medicaid compliance exposure and potentially increase reimbursements from "correct coding."
  • HCRL will review the practice's current written compliance plan to safeguard the practice's risks.
Audit procedures:
  • HCRL certified coding team will pull a sample audit of your patient charges.
  • A charge capture review will occur to determine if work flow processes need to be redefined.
  • Upon completion of the audit, HCRL will conduct a meeting with your providers and provide you with a formal audit report based on the findings and render recommendations.
  • Under billed services will be rebilled to the third party payers for additional reimbursement. Likewise, over billed charges will be rebilled and recommendations to refund to remain compliant.
  • Further education with providers will be offered at the request of the practice.

Aprima EHR: Designed For The Way You Practice Medicine

Huge numbers of healthcare providers report dissatisfaction with their current electronic health record (EHR) system and plan to change to a different system. Why? Other EHR systems are slow, cumbersome, difficult to use, slow to meet or worse, yet not keeping up with government regulations, often expensive, and in some cases have an unsure or limited lifespan. It's no wonder EHR dissatisfaction is so high!

If you're facing EHR frustrations, Aprima has the solution.

From being able to deliver the same or better quality of care, while seeing more patients (often in less time), Aprima providers have it all!

  • Rapid documentation
  • Versatile and nimble usability
  • Information at your fingertips
  • Increased revenues

Aprima EHR offers a uniquely powerful solution designed to complement and simplify your workflow. Our innovative technology adapts automatically to a physician's needs and sets the benchmark for ease-of-use, speed and flexibility. Aprima's patient engagement tools provide a cost-effective platform for communicating and educating patients and monitoring their treatment adherence. Patients love the 24x7 access, ease-of-use and the practice benefits with patient interaction and information submission though forms and questionnaires, including online billing information and payments. Improve efficiency, safety and outcomes while maximizing reimbursement with Aprima's clinical decision support tools.

Daily real-time access to clinical analytics provides your office with unparalleled insightful and actionable intelligence. Whether you're managing your entire patient population, large subsets, or specific scenarios of diseases, you have the tools you need to quickly identify patients so you can spend more time delivering care. Aprima is helping physicians address the latest updates from government and payers to maximize your revenues and avoid penalties. Aprima's leading-edge cross-platform technology for mobile devices is designed to meet the demands of a mobile clinical workforce providing anytime, anywhere access to the EHR. Aprima's powerful tools allow you to reduce document management labor by streamlining workflows for a significant savings of time and money. Aprima also has the tools to help guide your practice to a fax free environment. Aprima's integrated solution helps practices achieve NCQA PCMH status in areas such as scheduling, communications and documenting in real-time medical home standard protocols put in place.

Real-time, Patient-specific Alerts At The Point Of Care

Aprima's Clinical Decision Support (CDS) offers real-time, patient-specific alerts at the point of care to help providers deliver the highest quality of care while simultaneously meeting Meaningful Use (MU) requirements, providing patient education all aimed at keeping patients healthy and out of the hospital.

Our platform offers tens of thousands of evidence-based care rules, and incorporates comprehensive patient information, including demographics, age, sex and vital signs, as well as present and past test results, diagnoses, medications and more.

Deploying our CDS solution is easy, requiring minimal implementation resources and training without disruption of clinician workflow. We create prioritized, actionable alerts on patients, enabling you to:
  • Quickly identify and reach out to patients who are due for tests or procedures
  • Improve treatment adherence
  • Boost physician productivity and compliance by allowing clinicians to efficiently make the most-informed, evidence-based treatment decisions
  • Receive the alerts you need when you need them, without alert overload, to improve quality of care
  • Satisfy MU requirements around CDS, patient education and reporting/data exchange.

Image And Document Management Tools That Streamline Your Workflow

No matter how modern or automated your practice is, most healthcare providers and hospitals are forced to operate in a kind of hybrid environment, relying on a mix of paper and digital records from the outside world. Aprima can help you bridge the gap.

Whether a patient walks in with their health information on a digital device, or a provider wants to send X-rays or images, or you need to link to a 3rd party system such as PACs, Aprima EHR enables you to easily assimilate documents into the database attaching them to patient charts.

Our image and document management tools streamline workflows, making it possible to quickly sort, search and summarize documents, radiology images and videos from anywhere on the integrated database. In addition to streamlining workflows, the solution enables you and your staff to:
  • Save time
  • Decrease paper and printing costs
  • Spend more time with patients
  • Eliminate handwritten and other manual errors
  • Improve data management and sharing

Track Performance Using Aprima's Clinical Analytics

Medical practices need business intelligence (BI) to benchmark, set goals, and analyze and monitor practice performance. Aprima's proven clinical analytics suite gives providers the ability to track daily performance using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) with goals. Physicians can access their clinical dashboards securely online, anytime using any supported device.
Measure, analyze and monitor KPIs that have the greatest impact on your quality of care, as well as your revenue. These KPIs are presented as a dashboard comprised of interactive charts and graphs, providing actionable intelligence in a format that is both intuitive and insightful.
Quality Measures
Aprima offers extraordinary visibility into clinical services to monitor quality as well as clinical and financial outcomes. Our clinical analytics suite:
  • Automatically collects MU and PQRS metrics
  • Simplifies the process of MU and PQRS reporting to Medicare
  • Documents pay for performance objectives
  • Delivers real-time compliance and effectiveness reports for MU, PCMH and ACO guidelines
Aprima's enterprise reports allow you to see individual provider data, or combine data from multiple provider locations and sources to provide a comprehensive view of your entire organization. Reports may be filtered by practice, location, physician, payer, financial class, CPT code group or specialty, and allow users to drill down or roll up. Aprima's clinical analytics empowers your practice to:
  • Manage patient populations by tracking provider performance on any clinical quality measure
  • Compare provider performance across one practice or many
  • Quickly identify patients who require intervention for improved care quality and outcomes

A More Accurate, Secure Way To Transmit Your Patients' Prescription Information

Aprima's electronic prescribing, including controlled substances, offers a more accurate, secure way to transmit your patients' prescription information. This enables you to streamline your practice's workload with electronic refill requests, automatic medical history retrieval and eligibility information. When you use CompletEPA™, Powered by Surescripts, your practice can automate the time- and resource-intensive medication prior authorization process into a single, efficient electronic workflow.
  • No phone calls or faxes: Within the EHR workflow, providers instantly know if a medication requires prior authorization. Within 15-20 minutes, if it is approved or denied, instead of the typical time spent on the phone over a period of several hours or even days.
  • No forms: Dynamic questions with pre-population of patient information improve efficiency and accuracy.
  • No hassles: Real-time processing allows medication approval before prescriptions are routed to pharmacies.
  • No delays: Patients benefit from timely access to needed medications.


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