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Two Reasons to Rent an Electric Wheelchair if You Have Short-Term Mobility Issues

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If you have an injury or illness that has left you with short-term mobility problems, you should find a company that rents out electric wheelchairs and hire this mobility equipment.  Here are two reasons why.

It will prevent fatigue

When you're ill or injured, your body needs to work hard to recover. This is why medical professionals recommend that those who are, for example, recovering from a viral illness or a broken limb get lots of sleep and take it easy where possible when awake, as this ensures that their body has the energy it needs to heal quickly.

If you rent a manual wheelchair or just rely on crutches whilst you're temporarily less mobile, you may find yourself experiencing a lot of fatigue due to the fact that you'll be expending energy on pushing your chair or on moving around with the crutches. This depletion of your energy reserves could potentially lead to a longer recovery and may also make this healing period harder to manage, as you might find that simple things like going to the shop become exhausting tasks that wear you out, because of the physical effort involved in hopping along on crutches or pushing your own manual wheelchair.

In contrast, if you rent an electric wheelchair, you should find that you have almost as much energy as you would if you were sitting on the sofa or lying in bed for the entire day, but you'll be able to actually go places and get essential errands done as, with just the tiniest amount of effort, the electrically powered chair will move you around quickly and easily.

You can be a bit more independent

Finding yourself becoming far more dependent on others to get simple tasks done each day can be a shock to your system if you're accustomed to doing these tasks on your own. If you have already noticed that this is bothering you or if you suspect that it will start to bother you, you should rent an electric wheelchair.

This will mean that you'll be able to, for example, travel to shops that are relatively far away from your home without having to ask a relative to accompany you or drive you, as you might have to do if you're in a manual wheelchair and are too tired to push it or if you're on crutches and cannot manage that distance. Additionally, when you're out and about, you also won't need to look for assistance when, for example, you need to travel in your wheelchair up a steep street, as the electric wheelchair will easily move up a gradient.