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FAQ About Hypnotherapy for Suppressed Childhood Memories

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While growing up, some people go through horrifying experiences that they would rather forget. Some experience sexual assault while others have to endure abusive parents. These people often find ways of suppressing those memories to avoid reliving the experiences.

These individuals may find themselves dealing with unexplained emotional traumas in their adult life. The best way to deal with such issues is to face the memories. It is believed that through hypnotherapy, you can dig up the past and get through the experiences. 

The following FAQ about hypnotherapy and suppressed childhood memories will shed more light on the topic.

How Does Hypnotherapy Work?

Before you get the answers to your questions, you should learn how the process works. Hypnotherapy is a process where you are put in a hypnotic state so you can access old memories. It can also be explained as a situation where one goes into a state of imagination and fantasies.

Either way, a hypnotherapist believes that the brain is a type of recorder for all good and bad memories. They can help patients recall the bad memories they have repressed.

Can Hypnotherapy Uncover Dissociated Memories?

As mentioned, some children find ways to dissociate from the horrible experiences to avoid recalling them in adulthood. In doing so, they get to live their lives without having to deal with the past. For some, it is the complete opposite. They find themselves reliving those memories over and over again. Both instances can be referred to as post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). A hypnotist can help such patients deal with the situations.

How Does Hypnotherapy Work When the Affected Voluntarily Recalls Abuse?

Although hypnotherapists believe they can help uncover dissociated memories, sometimes the affected person can recall them without assistance. Once they affirm that the memories are indeed true, they can finally get past the memories and live a normal life. But, in some instances, the memories are not so clear and are quite hard to clarify. This can cause further complications, which might require hypnotherapy services.

How Does Regression Hypnotherapy Help?

In hypnotherapy, regression is where the past tampers with a person's mental and emotional health. Through hypnosis, you can revisit past trauma to resolve the issue. However, there is a lot of controversy about regression therapy, since it has not yet been proved whether it works or not.

Patients who have undergone hypnosis often feel better after each session with their therapist. Therefore, if you or a loved one has experienced any childhood trauma, you can seek hypnotherapy services. Contact a therapist who offers hypnotherapy treatment to learn more.